Of course, you can always give it a go and instant messaging me too, although I might not answer right away if I’m knee-deep in a project


+971 50 99 30095


Please communicate through email and WhatsApp only.

Frequently Asked Questions

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I am currently available to take on selective design projects and requests.

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Whether your design project is business or personal, please make sure to plan ahead to manage your part of the schedule. For example, logo design will take a minimum of four weeks to present the initial concepts. A 50% deposit is always required to start the design process of any job, and becomes non-refundable once the work is commissioned.

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For an overall view of my prices, the design of a logo would start from AED 3,800. Stationery & packaging would range from AED 600 to AED 3000. Nothing is set in stone, each project is different. Get in touch & let's talk.

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Design & Print

Please note that I don’t work on existing designs. I do not provide a printing service, only artwork digital files, so kindly do not email me files or designs to print. Thank you.

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For quick and pretty straightforward work such as Arabic calligraphy, you can order directly through the online shop:

Internationally (USD): Etsy